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Revlotraf is a platform where we provide advertisers the opportunity to get brand exposure on our news websites and social media platforms. Working with Revlotraf will connect your brand with the most suitable target markets. Interested in advertising your latest sports catalogue on a spanish football website and popular social media platforms? We will provide this service for you, and it is just one of the many examples of what we are able to offer.


Target Market

In addition, targeting by specific countries is possible. Germany,The United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands or the United States are just a few of the possibilities. Reaching specific regions within a country can be attainable too. Visitors of our platforms can also be target by language. The content can be in English, French, Dutch, German, Italian or any other language requested.



Platforms where we connect your advertisement with your target markets are content websites, Facebook, Twitter and Email. Within these platforms there are many possibilities such as newsletters and banners.


The Fruzzel Group

Revlotraf is part of The Fruzzel Group. The media sales are done exclusively by Fruzzel for all Revlotraf concepts. Other business concepts of the Fruzzel Group are Karabanga (connecting advertisers and publishers for online marketing campaigns) and Qualicepts (where we provide design services) . We operate from our offices in Valencia and Benicarlo.

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